Amide 60

Amide 60 (Cocamide DEA) is a nonionic surfactant compatible with most anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants. Among the main characteristics of amide 60, it is worth noting that this substance helps in the production of abundant, creamy and stable foam, improving the detergency action of the products, increasing their viscosity and acting as a super fatting agent, that is, the substance prevents the skin or the hair becomes dry when it comes in contact with a certain cleaning product. It is used in the formulations of domestic and industrial detergents, automotive shampoos, degreasers, degreasers, multipurpose cleaners, liquid soaps, washing clothes and other household products. Amide 60 develops a viscosity-donating character, in addition to emulsifying properties in mineral oils / not suitable for cosmetics.