Who are we

Usiquímica was inaugurated on May 8, 1943 by Manoel Gimenez Henriques, a Spanish entrepreneur who saw the development potential of the chemical industry in Brazil. Initially named “Chemical Industry Gimenez”, the company started producing Concentrated Nitric Acid in the city of São Paulo to meet the demand of the Southeast region. With intense work and commitment to the quality of its products, Usiquímica has become the leading manufacturer of Ammonium Hydroxide in Brazil and leader in the distribution of Hydrochloric Acid, Anhydrous Ammonia, Sodium Hypochlorite, Nitric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid. It is also one of the main players in the Arla 32 market. Led by the third generation of the Gimenez family, Usiquímica has expanded its range of products and, to maintain a high degree of excellence, has gone through a constant process of modernization. Today it has one of the most modern chemical distribution facilities in Brazil and has the largest and most sophisticated Ammonium Hydroxide production plant in the country. Its tank facilities have a storage capacity of over one million liters for different applications. In addition, its potting unit has a capacity of 30,000 liters per hour. The entire production, potting and loading process is monitored by the latest generation SDCD system, which ensures high reliability and safety. Usiquímica, in its 76 years of experience in the chemical industry market, pioneering the manufacture of Ammonium Hydroxide and the importation of Hydrochloric Acid, started in 2012 the production of Arla 32. This was the first step. from his entry into the automotive line, which culminated in the signing of a brand licensing agreement with Valvoline. Under this agreement Usiquímica now holds, exclusively in the country, the rights to use the brand to manufacture, import, distribute and disseminate products, being responsible for the sales, marketing, business strategy conception until its execution, managing the day-to-day business and after-sales operations. This new partnership consolidates Usiquímica’s performance in the Brazilian automotive market.

Inaugurated on May 8, 1943, by Manoel Gimenez Henriques, in São Paulo.

Today it has one of the most modern chemical product distribution facilities in Brazil.

Main manufacturer of Ammonium Hydroxide in Brazil.

In 2012 it began production of the Arla 32, the first stage of its entry into the automotive line.

Brand licensing with the American company Valvoline, which has been producing lubricants for 150 years.


We are a certified company with the most qualified ISO 9001 records


Develop business with chemical and automotive products, offering technology, performance, supply security and reliability. Add value to the chain of customers and suppliers with integrated logistics services, technical and commercial support.


  • Ethics –Act responsibly in the exercise of our activities.
  • Sustainability – Be aware that business survival depends on the ability to preserve natural resources.
  • Excellence  – Seek continuous improvement of processes and satisfaction of customer needs, exceeding their expectations.
  • Trust – Build open, transparent relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Training  – Promote and encourage personal and professional development through knowledge improvement.


Be among the 1000 largest companies in sales in Brazil by 2024.